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Swarf Damage Album Art 2023

The story behind the art

Commissioned work for the 80's thrash and 90's metal and everythink punk band. Based in the Isle of Man, Swarf Damage was established in mid 2018 by Guitarist Blake and Vocalist Mike. Swarf Damage's song Father was used for inspiration in the Manxman commission

Cernunnos is the puppet master that controls the fate of the expression in the music. Resembling a four horned god, Cernunnos represents both good and evil.  

The front cover and logo is an image of Cernunnos surrounded by a celtic branded sword, twin axes and two raven messengers that symbolise prophecy, insight, transformation and intelligence.


4 minute warning

The song Father was written by the lead singer Mike, to his late Father that was lost at sea in a fishing trawler accident when he was a child. The image has angel wings enveloping the anchor, that sits in the ribcage of Cernunnos.


Batten down the hatches

Doom or be Doomed

Cull of the Red Light Queens

Sin Eater

Kill to survive

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