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Manxman Project

The Floating Gallery

Back in November 2021, I was contacted by the Isle of Man Arts Council to discuss an exciting commission opportunity with SMC design, about a collection of art work for the Isle of Man Seampacket's new flagship, the Manxman.


My Story

The overall brief was to create a collection of something that included our Manx heritage and community, wether it be archaeology, folklore, literature or the flora and fauna of our wonderful isle. Community engagement was a strong part of the project, and it was encouracged to push our creative development and try something new. 

The Proposal

Music is one of my main forces of inspiration when I paint. It feeds my soul and evokes strong emotions when listening to it, associating different pitches and tones to certain colours and shapes. This phenomenon is called Chromesthesia, or sound to colour Synesthesia. 

The Isle of Man has an abundance of artistic individuals, all on their own independent paths and personal voyage, and my selection of four talented bands was the starting point for my own. 

Using Chromesthesia, I painted four songs that told story's about journey's, awakening's, fishing and the sea. 

The Bands

Swarf Damage, a twist of 80's Thrash, 90's metal and everything punk, The Ballaghs, Manx Folk Punk band that gets the crowd on their feet, Alice Dudley, Isle of Man born Indi Folk singer songwriter and Mark E Moon , Darkwave/gothic band signed to the German record label, Cold Transmission. 

Sit back and click the song links below to listen to the story's. 

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